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Sliding Door Wardrobes Better Than Hinge Door Wardrobes

Hinge door wardrobes have been around longer than any other type of wardrobes. Over the centuries of use, hinge doors have done well when it comes to providing a simple system for storing and protecting your valuables from the elements.

But the modern living, lifestyle and space constraints have necessitated the “invention” of sliding door systems. A sliding door wardrobe offers almost all the advantages of a classic hinge door wardrobe without any of the limitation it has.

Let’s take a look at why sliding door wardrobes are a better match for todays, small space homes and living areas.

Door Width

Traditional hinge door wardrobes have a limit as to the width they can have. Over time, doors with width greater than 600mm tend to strain their hinges which weaken over time. This leads to either the door not closely properly (they close a bit lopsided) or even the doors fall off. This limitation is not to be seen in a sliding door wardrobe. Customized sliding door systems have a much greater limit on the width they can be made to, which also offers a lot of design customization options.

Space Requirement

Hinge door wardrobes open outwards and because of this they need space in front to be fully opened. The space available impacts the size of the wardrobe – the depth, also the width of the doors. Sliding door wardrobes because of their sliding systems completely do away with this limitation and therefore are ideal for use in confined spaces.

Damage Resistance

Hinge door wardrobes can be opened to max of 90 degree angle, but over time this angle becomes greater with usage, till the doors drop off. When the doors are opened, any pressure of knocking on the door puts more strain on the hinges which can further damage the framework. This limitation is also done away with in a sliding door system as the doors don’t open outwards.

At SLIDO, we understand the customers need and their aesthetic requirements. We help you to create a unique sliding wardrobe design solution that will set your home décor stand out from others.

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