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Types of sliding door wardrobes

Types Of Sliding Door Wardrobes

There is a customized Floor-to-Ceiling wardrobe solution for all kinds of big and small spaces.

2 Door Sliding Wardrobe

This is the most popular type of wardrobe. The internals can be organized in many different ways to suit personal storage needs.

However the design of sliding doors has a huge influence on the overall decor of the room. With a little thought and good implementation support unique designs can be achieved as per your creative & aesthetic taste. For this you will need to engage with specialized & organized players like SLIDO. The Design Collection & Design Catalog from SLIDO is an incredible library of ever growing variety of designs, materials, colors & finishes to choose from.

2 Door Sliding Wardrobe 1
3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

Do you have a wide space for your wardrobe? Go for a 3 door Floor-to Ceiling sliding wardrobe. It looks majestic and you can make a personal style statement.

I a wardrobe with 3 door sliding doors the usual issue is that the middle sliding door easily take its proper location when we slide it from either side to the center. This problem is solved elegantly by KOMANDOR’s unique middle door soft-closing mechanism, that ensures that when closed from either side the middle door will softly stop at the correct position.

Openable hinge doors eat up your room’s space, and sliding doors add an element of spaciousness.

Use Corners With A Sliding Door Wardrobe

Using a corner of your room to create a wardrobe is a great idea. Usually corner space is under-utilized. We can provide customized sliding doors for corner wardrobes. This creative solution will make your bedroom interiors unique…. and also create more storage space!

Use Corners With A Sliding Door Wardrobe
Walk in Wardrobe With Sliding Doors 1 scaled

Walk-in Wardrobe With Sliding Doors

If you have a sufficient amount of space, then a walk-in wardrobe with sliding doors is a great idea. You can create a luxurious space for storage and dressing. You can walk-into the wardrobe to select the dress and fashion accessories. It’s a great feeling and you’ll love it. Also it will be a unique differentiator in your interiors.

At SLIDO, we understand the customers’ functional storage need and their aesthetic requirements. We help you to create a unique design solution that will set your home decor stand out from others.

You can select from a range of profilesadvanced technical product features that ensure a premium experience, durability and safety, 12 door patterns that enable aesthetic variations.

Our team will guide you through our unique Design Collection, and our Design Catalog and a vast library of design samples. Rest assured that the SLIDO team will help you find the perfect sliding door wardrobe solution for your home.