Shutters are an essential element in interior design. The type and color of cabinet shutters have the potential to make or break the look of your favorite room. Aluminum profile shutters are made up of fine quality aluminum and Glasses.

Choose from a wide variety of shutters in different finishes and colors. As leading shutter manufacturer in Hyderabad, SLIDO offers elegant Factory Made customized aluminum profile shutters for modular kitchen wall units, crockery units, TV Units and study units. These shutters are made available with wide range of color and material options. Our modern factory and manufacturing culture will make sure the high quality and finish of the shutter.

Why Aluminum Profile Shutters

Easy to maintain  |  Cost Effective  |  Glossy surface make the kitchen looks brighter & bigger  |  Light weight  |  Water proof  |  Lightening possibilities  |  In built handles  |  Translucent glass surface make the over head Shutter “feel light”  |  No bending


Wide range of colors

Customised to your room theme
In built handles
Factory made
Sleek elegant profiles

Inspiration Pics