System Specifications

Lumi – a system of internal, aluminum and glass partitions with characteristic joiner strips, in line with the modern design. The specificity and materials used allow the system to be used in both classic and loft interiors in the form of an original division of the room into separate zones with different functionalities.

Lumi’s base is a minimalistic, aluminum profile available in Natural Anode and Black Matt colors. It creates an intriguing and interesting contrast to the glass (transparent, frosted, colored, reinforced, grooved) and furniture boards used as insert. The original Lumi door partitions add lightness to the interior and bold design visions.

LUMI – Glass with Hinge Doors

Fixed glass screens with pivoting doors, dividing spaces into independent zones. Any solutions, with the hinge doors in combination with top or side transform, creates uniqueness with a partisan twist.


  • Max Door Height: 2500 mm
  • Max width of the installation: 4000 mm
  • Max height of fixed panel: 3000 mm
  • Max width of fixed and hinged panel: 1000 mm
  • Max height of the transom: 1000 mm
  • Max length of the transom: 2000 mm
  • Inserts: 4mm / 5mm glass & 10mm board

LUMI – Glass with Sliding Doors

Single or double aluminum sliding doors, filled with glass or board, separated by a characteristic mullion. In combination with fixed side panels in various configurations, give the room an industrial feel.


  • Max Door Height: 3000 mm
  • Max width of the installation: 5000 mm
  • ax width of fixed panel: 1000 mm
  • max width of the sliding panel: 1500 mm
  • max length of the transom: 2000 mm
  • Inserts: 4mm / 5mm glass & 10mm board
  • Max door weight 80 kg

LUMI – Internal Screens

Glazed internal screens with mullions, functioning as subtle partition walls. They provide additional light, soundproofing and optically enlarge the interior, giving the space separate functions.


  • max height of glazed screen: 2000 mm
  • max width of glazed screen: 2750 mm
  • Inserts: 4mm / 5mm glass & 10mm board

LUMI – Door in a Frame

A single, hinged door in a frame, with a grip or door handle. The variety of divisions and filings allows the door to be adapted to all requirements, giving the interior a loft look.


  • max door height: 2500 mm
  • max door width: 1000 mm
  • Inserts: 4mm / 5mm glass & 10mm board