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How to Select Wardrobe Sliding Doors to match your budget?

Wardrobe sliding doors come in different price segments depending upon the design and material we choose. Based on the budget you can customize the sliding door design to best suit the room interiors.

The cost of the wardrobe comprises mainly of two parts:

  • The cost of the wardrobe carcass (the wooden box) excluding the doors and
  • The cost of the doors which can be either hinge (open able) doors or sliding doors.

Why are Sliding Door Wardrobes better than Hinge doors?

In this article, we will focus on the factors that influence the cost of customized wardrobe sliding doors. Sliding doors can be highly customized to suit your requirements of interior aesthetics and budget. A wide Choice of materials is available that can be combined to achieve the desired aesthetics and budget objectives.

The factors that influence the cost of a wardrobe sliding door are:

  • Sliding door surface finish and profile colors
  • The quality and features of sliding door hardware
  • Decorative Insert Panels (These are fitted in the sliding door profiles)

1) Sliding Door Surface Finish and Profile Colors



The three types commonly used wardrobe sliding doors profile surface finishes are:

  • Hard Anodized Aluminum profiles
  • Electrophoresis Aluminum profiles
  • Powder Coated profiles

Hard Anodized Aluminum Profiles

Hard Anodized Aluminum Profiles

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the aluminum metal surface into a decorative, durable anodic oxide finish. Because of the hard anodization the profiles are protected, with higher wear-resistance, and scratch resistance. It also enhances aesthetic qualities. It is one of the most durable and popular surface finish. Hard Anodized aluminum wardrobe sliding door profiles have an elegant MATT surface finish which is loved by interior designers across the world.

SLIDO offers Hard Anodized Aluminum wardrobe sliding door profiles imported from KOMANDOR Europe. The sliding doors are fabricated in India’s first specialized factory for sliding doors. Our sliding door factory is set up in collaboration with Komandor Europe, a leader in wardrobe sliding door systems with sales in 42 countries.

The Hard-Anodized Aluminum wardrobe sliding door profiles are available in the following colors:

   Profile Color
S. NoSliding Door Profile System NameProfile FeatureAnode NaturalAnode ChampagneAnode GraphiteAnode Gold
1SZAFIRThe Sleek ProfileAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
2LAZURYTThe Comfort Grip profileAvailableAvailable  
3HELIOThe Ultra Slim ProfileAvailable   

Electrophoresis Aluminum Profiles

Electrophoresis is an aluminum profile surface finish. It can also be referred as e-coating, and electrophoretic coating. Electrophoresis is a process of attaining the required color coating by immersing the aluminum profiles in an electrified tank containing the required paint. Electrophoresis coating is a surface finish with a good impact resistance. These aluminum profiles are famous for its glossy finish.


Powder Coated Steel/Aluminum Profiles

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as free flowing dry powder. The coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it form a skin. Powder coating can be done on steel as well as aluminum profiles. Compared to the above two variants powder coated profiles are susceptible to discoloration due to UV exposure and to peeling off, if not done under a highly controlled process.

Considering the above three variants of wardrobe sliding door profiles, the most modern and high quality profiles are the hard-anodized aluminum profiles, they also cost higher compared to the profiles of other surface coatings.


2) The Quality and Features of the Sliding Door Hardware

The main hardware elements used in the wardrobe sliding door are:

  • Top and bottom track rollers
  • Soft Close Mechanism
  • Lock

The cost of these may vary with the quality and features of these hardware. The quality and features of the hardware enables the functionality and durability of the sliding doors.

the hidden rollers

Top and Bottom Track Rollers

Rollers are the heart of the sliding doors. They are usually hidden and not discussed. But the sliding doors sliding smoothness and functional life depends on the rollers. KOMANDOR rollers are tested in their R&D laboratory for 150,000 cycles, hence are very reliable for a long trouble free life.
The unique anti-jump feature prevents the rollers from coming out of the track ensuring safety. KOMANDOR offers a 30mm door height adjustment feature in rollers which helps in adjustment of the doors to take care of differences in wardrobe floor levels and minor carpentry errors.

Soft Close Mechanism

The pneumatic soft close mechanism for wardrobe sliding doors enables smooth and sound free door closing. This gives a high-end product feel.

Anti Jump roller Mechanism


The integrated locks which are specially designed for the Indian market offer additional security.

These profiles can also be used for making PIVOT (openable shutters) doors.


3) Decorative Insert Panel Materials for Wardrobe Sliding Doors

We offer a wide range of decorative insert panel materials to match your design and aesthetic preferences for your wardrobe sliding door. Typically glass based insert panels are more expensive than wood based.
However, glass and mirror based inserts are very popular globally due to their rich glossy glass feel and easy maintenance. Glass and mirrors are available in many colors and designs that can be mixed to achieve unique aesthetic designs.

The decorative insert panel material for wardrobe sliding doors can be categorized as below:

  • Wood based panels
    • Pre-laminated Particle Board(PLPB)
    • Laminated MDF
  • Glass
    • Colored Glass
    • Designer Glass
    • Tinted Glass
    • Figured Glass
    • Fluted Glass
    • Glass with Custom Graphics
  • Mirror
    • Plain Mirror
    • Bronze Mirror
    • Gold Mirror
    • Copper Mirror
  • Mosaic highlighters
    These decorative insert panels are usually used in combination with other glass inserts for dramatic designs.
  • Glass sandwich panels
    In these wallpapers and fabrics are sandwiched between 2 clear glass panels creating unique designs of wardrobe sliding doors.
  • Combination of various insert panels for wardrobe sliding doors
    Usually designers combine the above materials in door patterns to create their unique expression.
    Along with the insert panel material we have also designed 12 door patterns where you have multiple door design options. These door patterns offer you a freedom to combine any of the insert panel material to match your aesthetic choices and manage within your budget. For example, one can have a combination of wood based panels, glass, mirror, highlighter to design their wardrobe sliding door.

Door Patterns to design your Wardrobe Sliding Door

Your choice of one or more of these materials for your wardrobe sliding doors will impact the cost. The wood based panels will be in the economy range, the mirror inserts will be in the medium cost range, whereas the mosaic highlighters, designer glass and the fluted glass will cost more.

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