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Design ideas for your sliding door wardrobe

Design Ideas For Your Sliding Door Wardrobe

The wardrobe is the most dominating piece of furniture in the room and influences the interior decor! You want a unique, contemporary design solution. How can you get this right?.

The wardrobe doors make all the difference to the decor. The SLIDO Design Collection gives you the Freedom to Express!

SLIDO Sliding door wardrobes come in a plethora of material & finish options enabled by our unique Design Collection. In this we have selected a wide range of materials, colors & finishes. Below are some we feel you must consider for your new house.

Choose Glass For Elegance

Wow! Glass is such an elegant material – it makes everything look so classy. It adds a rich, glossy elegance to the interior design & decor of your home. Glass offers creative designers huge possibilities with a variety of colors & finishes. Also due to its glossy look it makes the room look bigger & richer.

Check out our Vibrant, Crystal, and Yin-Yang design collections

Choose Glass For Elegance 1
Use Custom Graphics For A Personalized Design 1

Use Custom Graphics For A Personalized Design

You can go for custom graphics on your closet’s sliding doors to make a unique sliding wardrobe design. This option opens up endless design possibilities for you.

Our Punch Collection offers a vast collections of graphics designs in various categories like Floral, Nature, Adventure, Super Hero’s. You can choose from it or you can suggest your own custom graphic that suits your taste.

Our Vibrant Collection offers a unique designs with printed elegant multi color bands.


Use Whites And Pastels For A Contemporary Style

Try a neutral white & pastel color scheme for your room. For example, with white sliding doors the wardrobe design adds a minimalist & contemporary modern style to your interiors. White & pastel shades are neutral and never go out of trend. They give a cool elegant feeling.

Check out our Vibrant collection for design possibilities.

Use Whites And Pastels For A Contemporary Style 1
Wardrobe With Dual Finish For A Surprise Element 1

Wardrobe With Dual Finish For A Surprise Element

Combining 2 different types of materials in your sliding wardrobe door design can create some interesting and unique designs. For example, Highlighter panels and color glass finish can be combined to create a luxurious appeal for your wardrobe. In the fact there are so many options available, that the end result can be something completely unique to your home. Visit our showroom to see physical samples for inspiration & easy visualization.

Check out our Peak collection.

Using Mirrors as Sliding Doors

Why not make your wardrobe more useful than usual by including mirrors? Having full length mirrored sliding door wardrobes not only serves an everyday need, they also enhance the look of your bedroom by making it seem more spacious and bright.

Our Vibrant collection also offers a variety of mirrors including the Bronze mirror, Gold mirror, Grey Mirror, Black mirror & of course the regular mirror.

Using Mirrors as Sliding Doors
Go colorful for joyful cheer 1536x1536 1

Go Colorful For Joyful Cheer

Our designers can help you create a colourful eye catching design using your favourite colours in accordance with the theme of your room. We already have a comprehensive library of designs made in-house, you can choose from.

At SLIDO, we understand the customers need and their aesthetic requirements. We help you to create a unique sliding wardrobe design solution that will set your home décor stand out from others.

Our showroom team will guide you through our unique Design Collection, and our Design Catalog and a vast library of design samples. The SLIDO team will help you find the perfect wardrobe sliding door design solution for your home. Come and make your idea come alive!