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Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe

A sliding wardrobe is nowadays available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes, which can be further customized into hundreds of configurations. With SLIDO certified designers you can work together to create something totally unique according to your needs. SLIDO can help you create a customized solution for your bedroom design that is truly yours.

Every door is individually made-to-order to ensure the maximum access and use of space. We use modern materials which are both durable and environment friendly for manufacturing your customized bedroom sliding wardrobe.


It is one of the most traditional materials used for wardrobe creation. Firstly you can start by choosing the right color of wood and then decide on making your wardrobe. For a classical look and feel, try using wood carvings, or opt for a modern contemporary design, either of which is highly functional. Wood is the most standardized material used for wardrobes as they are maintenance friendly.

Wood Wardrobes
Mirrors Wardrobes


Mirror wardrobes are mostly considered fabulous for their classy look. Also it helps smaller spaces look more spacious with the space-saving sliding doors and sleek, stylish, mirrors. They reflect more light in to the room, this helps give a large airy feel to the room by creating the illusion of more space.


Glass doors are associated with contemporary and advanced range of design. And people who choose to use glass doors would be looking forward for its functional appearance as it has to very user friendly and less space consuming because of their sleek and trendy designs. One can choose form a vast and varied range of options in glass. There are a multitude of colors to choose from which can be paired with different types of finishes. Choose from colored, lacquered glass in single or dual tones, experiment with mosaic or floral patterns for creating a unique piece of functional art for your bedroom.

Glass Wardrobes scaled
Oriental Sliding Wardrobes

Oriental Sliding Wardrobe

Oriental are the old conventional model of design made of mostly steel or wood depending on the preferences and are mostly movable. Most people choose oriental design because of its functional appearance and its uniqueness. The wooden frames or the steel frames on the exterior of the doors which holds the glass and mirror is exposed making the design more interesting.

At SLIDO, we understand the customers need and their aesthetic requirements. We help you to create a unique sliding wardrobe design solution that will set your home décor stand out from others.

Our showroom team will guide you through our unique Design Collection, and our Design Catalog and a vast library of design samples. The SLIDO team will help you find the perfect wardrobe sliding door design solution for your home. Come and make your idea come alive!